Top 10 SEO Companies In Calicut


Do you search which all are the booming Top 10 SEO Companies In Calicut? Your search for the same ends here. Here is the list Of Top 10 SEO Companies in calicut and their some details;This list based on Alexa rank.

1) Acodez


Acodez is a Calicut based Indian Company. And they provide service in manily SEO,Application Development and Website design.Acodez is now also in USA and UK.Acodez have satisfied clients across 45 countries.


Alexa Global Rank  :295810

2) De sparrow solutions Pvt Ltd


De sparrow solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading information technology company based at Calicut, India and offering IT services since 2007 .Sparrow engrosses with Technology, Digital Marketing and Software business to deliver quality software products worldwide.


Alexa Global Rank  :1275894

3) Yarddiant

Yarddiant is one of the leading software development companies in Calicut, Kerala, India. The main focus of our company is to provide complete business software development services like website design, web development, fashion blog and eCommerce development. Our company has gained trust and confidence and has nurtured an excellent relationship with our clients in cities like Calicut, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Pune, Maharashtra, Delhi, Mumbai and countries like UK, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, USA , Turkey.

Website                 :

Alexa Global Rank  :2594036

4) Adox Solutions


Adox Solutions is an award winning Web Design and SEO company in Kerala, India. Founded by highly motivated group of professionals with years of experience in the field of complete web design and web application development. The company headquarters in Calicut, India is built as a large open environment so we can work together as smoothly as possible to make sure our clients business goals are always the foremost target. Adox Solutions has brought successes to more than 500+companies that span across the globe including top companies in US, UK, Australia, Middle East and India to name a few in the last 5+ years and has helped us to be the most reputed web developments companies in Kerala.


Alexa Global Rank  :2660105

5) Webnamaste


Webnamaste is a full-service web marketing company in Calicut was launched on June 6th, 2009.Mr RADHAKRISHNAN K G is the Founder,come Director of Webnamaste.Webnamaste  Provided Services to Search Engine Optimization – Local, eCommerce & Mobile SEO.Managed Social Media Services,Online Reputation Management,Email Marketing,Inbound Marketing Consulting & Implementation,Responsive Web Design & Development,Web and Mobile App Development.


Alexa Global Rank  :3277633

6) Netstager Technologies


Netstager Technologies is an international web design company based in Kerala India provide professional web development, SEO services, mobile applications and PPC services to companies all over the world.MrPRAJEESH is the Founder & Managing Director of Netstager Technologies. Netstager comprises of a group of young and dynamic professionals who believe in the creative virtues and quality of the work undertaken.


Alexa Global Rank  :3488034

7) Greenlemon


Greenlemon,the best web design and development compnay in India ensures quality services for world wide clients.Get our SEO,SEM services with proven results.


Alexa Global Rank  :3502388

8) Ellowmedia

Ellow Media is a leading Website Designing Company at Calicut,Kerala, We are providing Education, Web Interaction, SEO, Company Branding, Software for our esteemed clients. Our services includes developing impressive and conversion optimized web applications, managing campaigns, popularizing brands or products. Our vision is to be recognized as one of the most effective IT solution provider, with a mission to deliver quality services at affordable prices.


Alexa Global Rank  :8940120

9) Insto Technologies


Insto Technologies is a web development and software development company with Young, Creative, Enthusiastic, Productive & Professional web developers and designers.Insto Technologies web services and SEO include web designing, customized customizable web application development, web portal development, redesigning of the outdated websites, internet marketing, domain registration and web hosting. We provide cost effective solutions on a wide range of projects covering all major industries.


Alexa Global Rank  :10075831

10) Mentor Performance Rating Pvt. Ltd


Mentor Performance Rating Pvt. Ltd. is a company floated by MENTOR Associates at Calicut,Kerala ,India. Entering in to the 5th year of experience Mentor offers a range of services for Website Developments,Software Development,SEO , Mobile Applications, Business Analytics and Digital Marketing Service to inside and outside in India. Mentor Performance Rating have well pleased clients across all around the world.


Alexa Global Rank  :11129898


Responsive Website Can Do Better SEO??


A responsive website design comes highly recommended by Google in order to enhance your website optimization process. While a responsive design is considered to be a subject matter about website design and development, it is also an important aspect of any search engine optimization strategy. A responsive website design provides the concept of enhancing a website user interface as highly adaptive to all screen sizes for major devices like tablets, laptops and desktop viewing. Considering the rapid growth of mobile users, it is necessary to make your website optimized for mobile viewing to enhance your SEO digital marketing campaign.

Adopting the trend of responsive website design for SEO
Aside from the rising market demands for responsive websites in digital marketing, search engine optimization in Atlanta has adopted the concept of integrating website design and development as part of its SEO strategy. By making your business website mobile friendly, you can leverage on the following advantages and benefits to your digital marketing campaigns:

# Fast loading page views

# Better viewer engagement

# Attracting more leads

# Converting leads for better ROI

# Enhanced search engine optimization campaign by driving more traffic to your business

# Convenient management of your SEO campaign by using a single URL for both desktop and mobile sites.

# Enhancing the ability of the search engine to index and crawl websites with a single URL.

Best SEO industry practice using responsive website design

Atlanta website designing companies are adopting the trend of using responsive website designs as one of the best practices in the search engine optimization industry. Google is quite open about its preference for webmasters to use a responsive design in order to deliver the best viewing experience to online users. With this communicated preference of the Google search engine to mobile friendly websites, it is high time to switch your SEO digital marketing campaign direction towards the development of a more responsive design. This will help the search engine to render a single CSS media query for every device that is trying to access your site using one HTML platform with better convenience.

Website developers in Atlanta recognize the ease of indexing the URL of every web page and on the same HTML platform even on different device viewing by the search engine which benefits the efforts of any SEO services campaign. Website visitors of a site tend to enjoy a better viewing experience when there is an ease of transition of the website according to the kind of device used by them. The search engine is able to index and rank a responsive website with better accuracy.

1) Better search ranking for your website
The search engine uses website responsiveness as a search ranking metric that affect social engagement of a website visitor. Google drives webmasters to provide their website visitors an engaging viewing experience by making their sites as responsive as possible to cater to the different demands on their visitor’s viewing needs. Maintaining different sites for a desktop and mobile viewing tends to confuse your viewers and more so the search engine algorithm as well. Using varied versions of your business site makes your business less engaging to your visitors while making it harder for the Google search engine to index and rank it for the search results making it a bad SEO tactic to use in digital marketing.

2) Responsive website design prevents link dilution
If you are doing link juices as part of your SEO strategy, a responsive website design will benefit your link building efforts by preventing the occurrence of link dilution. A website design that is responsive for viewing will allow your links to flow more efficiently back to your site while keeping all your social links in a single place for better SEO results.

3) SEO digital marketing enhancements
Responsive website designs are the frontier in providing your website visitors a more satisfying viewing experience while providing unparalleled benefits to your SEO digital marketing campaigns. The tablet sale has exceeded more than 100 million in the year 2013 and the statistics is predicted to grow more in 2014. The Atlanta website design companies recommend of bringing out some enhancements to your website design that should aim in achieving these changing viewing needs of internet users.

Among the best features of a responsive website should include the following:

1) The text and color elements of your website should be able to accommodate the small screen of the device used by your visitor.

2) Implemented elements will download fast with efficient display of your images and content that will be convenient for mobile viewing.

3) All the functionality available to your website works well without causing any issue to your website visitor.

4) The navigational experience of your website visitor is enhanced by using a user interface that is perfect to the screen size used by your potential customers.

With a responsive design enhancement you can retain the interest of internet users who are likely to be interested about your business, after all they took the time to visit and view your site. An unresponsive website can turn off their interest and you cannot afford losing valuable leads for your digital marketing campaigns because of this flaw in your web design and development structure.

Integrating responsive website design to SEO

An awesome responsive website is one that has the capability of accommodating the various viewing needs of its visitors without the need of changing its URL. You will need the help of a professional web design and development expert in order to optimize your digital marketing efforts. There are many Atlanta website designers who can provide you the assistance of developing the most appropriate responsive design that will promote your search engine optimization goals while increasing your expected return of investments from your business.
A responsive design is easier to manage without sacrificing the quality of the viewing experience that your website can deliver to your website visitors. It can deliver various forms of viewing across different mobile platforms without the need of managing a separate website for mobile and desktop viewers. With a responsive website design you can further engage your potential customers while giving them the opportunity to navigate, explore and buy your products through the smooth user interface of your website.

A responsive website can retain the interest and engage your website visitors to your products and services. At Digital Warriors, we can help introduce the most appropriate website design and development that your business needs for better optimization of converting your leads to profits.

What Is Pay Per Click-PPC???


Pay per click advertising is a great way to get visitors when you need traffic and you need it now. But it’s risky: With poor management, you can spend a fortune, generate many visits, and end up with nothing to show for it. This article will provide you with a high-level view of pay per click advertising, and some general strategies and provide an example of what to do, and what not to do.


Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is pretty simple: Search engines like Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results. These listings appear along with the natural, non-paid search results.


These ads are sold in an auction. You bid what you want to pay for a click on the ad. Bid the most and you have a chance of ranking number 1 in the sponsored results. Note that I said a chance. There’s also something called quality score that can impact your ranking. More on that in a minute.

If someone clicks on your PPC listing, they arrive at your website, and you are charged the amount you bid. So, if you bid $.15 per click on ‘widgets’, and that’s the highest bid, you’ll probably show up first in line. If 100 people click on your PPC listing, then the search engine or PPC service will charge you $15.00.


But PPC advertising can cost a fortune. It’s easy to get caught up in a bidding war over a particular keyword and end up spending far more than your potential return. ‘Ego-based’ bidding, where a CEO/marketer/someone else decides they Must Be Number One no matter what, can cost thousands of dollars. Also, bid inflation consistently raises the per-click cost for highly-searched phrases.

This inflation is caused by ego-based bidding and by the search engines themselves, who impose quality restrictions on many keywords. These quality restrictions increase the cost per click even if no one else is bidding.

Junk traffic can suck the life out of your campaign. Most pay per click services distribute a segment of their results to several search engines and other sites via their search partners and content networks. While you certainly want your listing displayed on Google and/or Bing, you may not want your listings showing up and generating clicks from some of the deeper, darker corners of the Internet. The resulting traffic may look good in statistics reports, but you have to separate out partner network campaigns and carefully manage them if you’re going to see a return.

Finally, pay per click advertising does not scale. If you get more traffic, you pay more money in nearly direct proportion to that traffic – your cost per click stays constant, and your overall cost increases. Compare that to search engine optimization, where you invest a fixed amount of time and/or money to achieve a better rank, and your cost per click goes down as you draw more traffic.


Pay per click advertising can generate traffic right away. It’s simple: Spend enough, get top placement, and potential customers will see you first. If folks are searching for the key phrases on which you bid and you’ve placed a well-written ad, you will get clicks the moment the ad is activated.

So PPC advertising is fast: With some systems, such as Google AdWords, you can generate targeted traffic within a few minutes of opening an account.

PPC advertising is also nimble: Where natural search engine marketing or other forms of advertising can lag weeks or months behind changing audience behavior, you can adjust most pay per click campaigns in hours or days. That provides unmatched ability to adjust to market conditions.

PPC can also be a bargain: Sometimes, you can find keyword ‘niches’ for which the top bid is around $.10 – in that case, PPC is a great option, because you can generate traffic to your site for a fraction of the cost of any other form of paid advertising.

So, balancing the good and the bad, where does PPC fit in? As a focused advertising tool.


Most businesses can’t afford to solely rely on PPC advertising. It’s too expensive, and bid amounts inevitably climb. But pay per click can fill a few important roles:

Campaign and issue-based traffic: If you have a short-term campaign for a new product, service or special issue, pay per click can be a great way to generate buzz. You can start a pay per click campaign within, at most, 24-48 hours, and you can generally change the text of your ad in mid-campaign, so adjusting your message is easy. If you need to focus attention for a finite amount of time, PPC is perfect.

Google Launches New Pigeon Update…


A few days ago Google pushed out a new and major algo update for local search .Google rolled out a new local search algorithm update to provide more accurate local search results to businesses. The update has significantly affected the search result pages for many local search queries in US.

There is no internal name for this update however the name Pigeon was decided by the Search Engine Land team to refer it to local search updates as pigeons tend to fly home. The details of this update are available here.

When the Google Panda update launched, there was no official name from Google, so we named it the “Farmer” update. A few days later, Google told us they internally named it the Panda update. So we switched names from Farmer to Panda to avoid that confusion.

What has changed with this update?
The Google Pigeon Update will impact local search results with rankings and local businesses likely to see an increase or decrease in website referrals, leads and search queries.

The new algorithm is expected to improve the distance and location ranking parameters of the search results. It has currently rolled out in US English results and aims to provide a useful and relevant experience to users seeking local results.

As of now, there is no evidence as to whether the update will be rolled out in other countries and languages. I’m worried about Australian businesses and whether we should re-look at our strategies and work on improving local listings.

In Detail….
The core changes are behind the scenes, but it does impact local search results rankings and some local businesses may notice an increase or decrease in web site referrals, leads and business from the change.

Google told us that the new local search algorithm ties deeper into their web search capabilities, including the hundreds of ranking signals they use in web search along with search features such as Knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and more.

In addition, Google said that this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters.

The new algorithm is currently rolling out for US English results and aims to provide a more useful and relevant experience for searchers seeking local results. Google didn’t share any details about if and when the update would roll out more widely in other countries and languages.

Google has not commented on the percent of queries impacted by this Algorithm Update, nor if certain web spam algorithms were deployed in this update.

Overall, this Pigeon update is all linked to the local search results for your businesses or websites. This update has also tied local results more closely to standard web ranking signals. This will surely benefit the sites that have stronger SEO signals. So, to attain high ranking on local Google search results, it’s the time to change your SEO techniques as per Pigeon update.

Top 10 SEO Companies In The World!!!

Top 10 red 3d realistic paper speech bubble isolated on white

The following is my complete list of the top SEO Company Rankings in the Alexa ranking . I evaluated several hundred SEO firms for the list, but have narrowed it down to the Top 10 SEO Agencies as ranked by our scoring system. I look at several different data points ranging from the effectiveness of the SEO firm’s own internal search engine optimization efforts to the quality of their customer service. I take great pride in my SEO Agency rankings.

1)  : Crucifix Lane, London







#1 of 10 Leading Online Marketing Companies of 2014 – has all the skills a company needs to get their SEO content working for them. SEO content works with common search engines to help certain businesses appear higher in search results than others. This content utilizes popular keywords and name brands that apply to their clients’ businesses and get searched for by consumers frequently. By adding these keywords to their text, businesses find themselves at the top of the search engine’s results lists, making it more likely that those people will visit a certain website. Verve Logic can help any size business maximize their content and earn new customers.

Global Rank : 17,794 1,669
Rank in United States : 12,606

2)  Blue Fountain Media  :   New York, New York

firm-logo (2)

#2 of 10 Leading Online Marketing Companies of 2014 – Blue Fountain Media is the company that businesses trust to create quality SEO content for their websites. SEO content uses keywords and brand names to rank higher in the results of search engines. Customers are much more likely to select a company from among the first few websites listed in their search results. This company is dedicated to helping their clients to making it to the top of those lists. They can help a new business create SEO rich content or help an established business streamline and maximize their SEO content, earning them more business and more sales to meet their goals.

Global Rank : 19,103
Rank in India : 4,209

3)  SEOValley : Chicago, Illinois

firm-logo (1)

#3 of 10 Best Online Marketing Businesses of 2014 – SEOValley was born when there were only a limited number of Indian-based search engine optimization companies. They stood apart on the global markets because of their superior services and affordable pricing. Their team first assembled in 2001 and now has more than 85 employees who have worked on more than 4,000 sites.

Global Rank : 28,971
Rank in India : 3,243

4)  Boostability : Lehi, Utah


#4 of 10 Preeminent SEO Agencies of 2014 – Boostability is the online marketing firm that is ready to go to work for their clients creating the SEO rich content that they deserve and need to keep new business flowing to their websites. This company can help their clients by creating fresh SEO content or sprucing up existing copy with the right blend of SEO phrases. This way when consumers search for particular words their clients’ websites will appear at the top of the results, and their clients will get the sales. They offer a variety of other online marketing products like social media management and reputation management to create an online presence for their clients.
Global Rank : 33,512
Rank in United States :11,041

5)  WebpageFX  : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


#5 of 10 Leading Search Engine Optimization Firms of 2014 – Webpage FX has won many awards for helping their clients create SEO content that helps them build their customer base and makes them expand their business. SEO content is what drives common search engines to find the results that they do. This company partners with their customers to select brand names and keywords that will work best for that particular business and the products that they sell. This company offers a variety of marketing services to help their clients online. They can help their clients build a positive online presence and help maintain that reputation by encouraging positive reviews and feedback.

Global Rank : 53,731
Rank in United States : 24,604

6)  Highervisibility : Cordova, United States


#6 of 10 Leading Online Marketing Companies of 2014 – has all the skills a company needs to get their SEO content working for them. SEO content works with common search engines to help certain businesses appear higher in search results than others. This content utilizes popular keywords and name brands that apply to their clients’ businesses and get searched for by consumers frequently. By adding these keywords to their text, businesses find themselves at the top of the search engine’s results lists, making it more likely that those people will visit a certain website. Verve Logic can help any size business maximize their content and earn new customers.

Global Rank : 67,241
Rank in United States : 31,381

7)  Customer Magnetism : Virginia Beach, Virginia

firm-logo (1)

#7 of 10 Top Online Marketing Agencies of 2014 – Customer Magnetism knows all the ins and outs of creating just the right SEO rich content to write to help their customers find new customers and increase their sales. They work closely with their clients to determine the best keywords and phrases to include on their customers’ websites to help them rank higher in common search engines like Google and Bing. When a consumer searches for a specific product or service, the search engine seeks out websites that use those words repeatedly. The more time that word appears on a website the higher its ranking in the search results that consumers see.

Global Rank :101,009
Rank in India:17,856

8)  SEO Image : New York, New York

firm-logo (4)

#8 of 10 Leading Online Marketing Businesses of 2014 – SEO Image is the online marketing firm that can help their clients create the SEO content that they want and need. Utilizing keywords and phrases in their clients website text helps this company draw new customers to their clients’ websites. Search engines work by searching for a keyword or brand name that a person has entered into the search engine. The more often a website has that keyword the higher that company will appear in the results list. SEO Images knows that the higher up their clients’ websites appear in that list the more likely they are to get more traffic and higher sales.

Global Rank :111,310
Rank in United States : 40,853

9)  Cynexis : Columbus, Ohio

firm-logo (2)

#9 of 10 Preeminent Search Engine Optimization Businesses of 2014 – There was once a time that the Internet was a mere fad, but that is no longer the case. The World Wide Web has, since its inception, become such an integral component of business and commerce that without a prominent web presence, companies will never be able to reach their full potential. Cynexis is among the best SEO agencies, providing clients with innovative solutions to their reputation and marketing needs. The full-time, dedicated staff at Cynexis knows that lasting impressions are important to their clients so they are focused on helping their clients cut striking public figures online through the use of visually-appealing websites and integrated advertising.

Global Rank :146,344
Rank in India : 18,376

10)  Digital Current : Mesa, Arizona

firm-logo (10)

#10 of 10 Leading Online Marketing Agencies of 2014 – Digital Current is an industry leader in creating SEO content that earns their clients more sales and customers. SEO content is select keywords, phrases and brand names that are commonly searched and will help businesses appear in a better position in a search engine’s result list. Consumers will usually only browse the first couple of websites that come up during a search and make their purchases from one of these companies, making it vital to businesses that they appear at the top or close to it. Digital Current can help clients create new content or rewrite content that is out of date or needs some help.

Global Rank : 186,110
Rank in United States :39,437

Advantages of Google Maps – Why use Google Maps?

Google Map

Do you have alittle or medium sized business? ar you curious about obtaining additional guests via Google? If your answer is affirmative then attempt Google Maps.

Everybody UN agency owns a business and incorporates a web site is raring to urge into high 10 search results on Google, hold on there’s yet one more thanks to reach there it’s Google Maps. If you’re gift over telephone book directory then the presence over Google Maps can offer you Associate in Nursing higher edge.

It is not just for {those UN agency those that|people who} have an internet site however having a list on Google Maps is equally profitable for those business homeowners who don’t have an Internet Site.

You can produce a replacement listing by work together with your Google Account the registering yourself because the Business Owner. If you’ve got ex-directory your company nevertheless then simply log in and build a replacement listing.

Add your company’s full knowledge. If you’ll add the emblem of your company then undoubtedly you’ll lean preference over different listings. If you’re able to get some reviews by real folks then undoubtedly it’s aiming to assist you in longer run. Moreover, you’ll request your customers to write down testimonials for your company. you’ll send them a link to your listing to create things easier. raise them to write down on your Google Maps in order that they will be glued at different places too.

3 Kinds of Map Views
Google Maps provides three differing kinds of views. a traditional map read, a satellite image read and a piece of ground read.

There are few benefits of Google Maps. They are:

1. Easy to use
The website is incredibly easy to use in order that even a novice user are able to use it while not additional coaching.

2. Multiple Destinations
Another advantage is that if the user desires directions that embrace varied stops, Google maps simply adds a replacement destination to the route with one click.

3. Choose Travel kind
The user will simply choose the kind of travel once obtaining directions. The user will choose if he’s movement by public transportation, by automobile or he’s walking on foot.

4. Get extra helpful info
With Google Maps you’ll notice some extra info like current traffic load, road closures, photos of space and landmarks and weather forecasts.

5. Creation of made-to-order Maps
You can simply produce a made-to-order map for any location by adding lines and shapes to that. It may be saved to your Google account. you’ll take the print out of the map anytime. this can be however you’ll utilize Google Maps to set up a vacation or after you ar aiming to visit a replacement town.

Top Three Google SEO Algorithm !!!

Top Three  Google SEO Algorithm

The three things, for example, information, experience and suspicion are fundamental for SEO industry. With each Google overhauls drifting in market the web experts are brimming with suspicions which they begin to apply.

There was an algorithm launched by this search engine giant to lower down the useless back links. The reason why this step was necessary is that webmasters started using bad means to build thousands of links. In this way there was another problem which got surfaced. There is one only thing which has to be understood by all webmasters. This search engine is making changes in order to improve search and to give better results. They neither ask for money to make you rank higher but all they ask and expect from webmaster is to follow the webmaster guidelines. They encourage the webmasters to create websites that adds value to the web.

What was the role of Google Panda?
We can call this as an algorithm change which was done to penalize those websites which had low-quality content. It is not just the quality of articles that you are posting in your blogs but the kind of pages the search engines bots are crawling and indexing.

How did Google Penguin come into existence?
Few years ago back links were supposed to be the most trusted ranking factor but once web masters paid attention to this fact they started buying thousands of links. This is how this update came into existence. The basic purpose of this Algorithm was to devalue the links that used to come from spam pages.

An introduction to Google Hummingbird
Thus to sum up the purpose of these two updates was that low-quality web pages and low-quality links should not rank higher. These algorithm changes were penalty based whereas Hummingbird is reward based. The intention of this update is to make search engine search more conversational and not keyword based. Another aspect why hummingbird is the biggest buzz is that it tries to find out the intentions of the user. Those websites will notice better search engine ranking which fits the criteria of hummingbird.
Thus to conclude they are high-quality pages and backlinks that are going to decide the important ranking factor. Relying on social signals is also one of the important aspects. There are websites selling Google plus likes and Facebook likes and one can easily buy them. For this, it is expected that it would give weight age to likes that have come from credible profile only.