Top Three Google SEO Algorithm !!!

Top Three  Google SEO Algorithm

The three things, for example, information, experience and suspicion are fundamental for SEO industry. With each Google overhauls drifting in market the web experts are brimming with suspicions which they begin to apply.

There was an algorithm launched by this search engine giant to lower down the useless back links. The reason why this step was necessary is that webmasters started using bad means to build thousands of links. In this way there was another problem which got surfaced. There is one only thing which has to be understood by all webmasters. This search engine is making changes in order to improve search and to give better results. They neither ask for money to make you rank higher but all they ask and expect from webmaster is to follow the webmaster guidelines. They encourage the webmasters to create websites that adds value to the web.

What was the role of Google Panda?
We can call this as an algorithm change which was done to penalize those websites which had low-quality content. It is not just the quality of articles that you are posting in your blogs but the kind of pages the search engines bots are crawling and indexing.

How did Google Penguin come into existence?
Few years ago back links were supposed to be the most trusted ranking factor but once web masters paid attention to this fact they started buying thousands of links. This is how this update came into existence. The basic purpose of this Algorithm was to devalue the links that used to come from spam pages.

An introduction to Google Hummingbird
Thus to sum up the purpose of these two updates was that low-quality web pages and low-quality links should not rank higher. These algorithm changes were penalty based whereas Hummingbird is reward based. The intention of this update is to make search engine search more conversational and not keyword based. Another aspect why hummingbird is the biggest buzz is that it tries to find out the intentions of the user. Those websites will notice better search engine ranking which fits the criteria of hummingbird.
Thus to conclude they are high-quality pages and backlinks that are going to decide the important ranking factor. Relying on social signals is also one of the important aspects. There are websites selling Google plus likes and Facebook likes and one can easily buy them. For this, it is expected that it would give weight age to likes that have come from credible profile only.


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